EpiFemCare aims to uncover new methods for screening, diagnosing and personalising treatment of breast and ovarian cancers. The project will use cutting edge technologies from the field of epigenetics to develop blood tests.

These tests will enable :

Screening and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer

Diagnosis of ovarian cancers through discrimination of benign and cancerous growths within the pelvis; and

Personalised care through monitoring the efficacy of treatment and determining the right drug regimen for each woman

With these blood tests in place, the team running the EpiFemCare project has estimated that 50% fewer women will receive a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer when that cancer is already advanced, 50% fewer women will receive unnecessary long-term treatment for residual disease, and the rate of female cancer related fatalities and treatment-related illness will be reduced by 20% per year.

NEW: EpiFemCare Project Videos:
Videos 1 and 2 provide some non-technical background to the project, whilst Video 3 is a more technical overview of the project itself.